Company history

J.D Development CO., LTD. (FU TA MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO. , LTD..) was established in 1970, started the first spinning factory plant in 1971, and to begin production in 1972. Begin in 1973 the second plant of the spinning factory, and production in 1974. Company to expand business in 1982 the first and second spinning factory relocated to Wu-Chi Industrial Park factory site, 1990 shares was public offering, and merge Yang Fang Co. have Division of the company's second plant, 1996 stock was officially opened on Taiwan GTSM (stock code 4402).


In 1999, the nylon filament factory of factory work. 2000 nylon yarn plant completed and test run. 2001 nylon filament factory were regular running. Regular of nylon filaments output about 12000 tons/year; industrial of nylon filaments output about 4800 tons/year.